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Below are a list of websites where you can find some of the best free mix downloads for:

Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Industrial, Gabber, Speedcore,

Darkcore, Doomcore, Hard Techno, Acid Techno, Frenchcore,

 Breakcore, Crossbreed And other kinds of Underground Music



HardSoundRadio - HSR

24/7 non stop hard underground music with well over 200 free mix downloads

HardSoundRadio - HSR Underground Hardcore Radio




Flaming Pigs - The home of Sensory Violation & Hammer Damage

Expect loads of industrial hardcore & mind numbing acid

sensory violation




NoisJcasts - Podcasts with guest DJs By Carnage & Cluster

These boys are kicking arse out of the scene at the moment!

Hardcore Download Industrial Download Gabber download noisjcast dj promo




Disturbance Records - Home Of DJ Traffik

Dirty Hardcore London style!!






Acid Download darkcore download frenchcore download

 HardSoundRadio Elite Podcast is a new venture which aims to disgust the privately educated




 In the genres


Hardcore Downloads, Hardcore Techno Downloads, Industrial Downloads, Gabber Downloads, Speedcore Downloads,

Darkcore Downloads, Doomcore Downloads, Hard Techno Downloads, Acid Techno Downloads, Frenchcore DownloadsBreakcore Downloads, Crossbreed Downloads

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